Thursday, May 16, 2019

Ashna Ddhannak as a Panelist Speaker For MHAHSA - Mental Health Conference - Part 2

Develop A Strong MIIND & You Will Lead A Strong Life !!! Read some pearls of wisdom in my article ENLIGHTENING MIIND published by the ReportHer Magazine - May 2019 issue... # Enlightenment # Mind # Enlightening Lifestyle # Ashna Ddhannak # Holistic Life Coach

Emotional Pain is something that should not be hidden away & never spoken about.... There is Truth in your pain which brings about a personal growth in your life making you far more stronger than you could ever imagine !!! Extremely proud to be a Panelist Speaker @ The WOW MHAHSA conference ( Mental Health & Alternative Healing Summit & Awards ) held at THE CLUB - Andheri - Mumbai..speaking about the importance of MENTAL HEALTH in INDIA.... The celebrities who graced this occasion were - SANDIP SOPARRKAR JUUHI BABBAR SONII KANIKA KAPOOR ANJALI MUKERJEE LAXMI NARAYAN TRIPATHI AMRITA RAICHAND LARRA SHAAH MICKEY MEHTA # Mental Health # Holistic Life # Mind Wellness...

ASHNA DDHANNAK as a Panelist Speaker @ WOW MHAHSA Mental Health Conference - 2019