Monday, July 1, 2019

Thank you so much and Gratitude from all my heart to Team Massaya and Nipa Shah for this lovely gesture of presenting me in the league of your Inspirational Stories - #Inspired By Real Women #n Real Stories... Its a great privilege to get featured in your annual anniversary celebration of the Women Empowerment & Entrepreneurs Journey...... Stay Blessed Always dear Nipa Shah & Team Massaya....More Power and Cheers to all the lovely Women !!! The Below Lovely Post by Nipa Shah & her lovely Team Massaya - Marketing, Management, More Inspired By Real Women #n RealStories Presenting another # bosslady - Ashna Ddhannak - MD & CEO - "ENLIGHTENING LIFESTYLE" (Miind Wellness Boutiique). She is a true inspiration for all women out there, her story is absolutely brilliant and one can not get over the breath of fresh positivity when you meet her. On her journey of self discovery and personal growth, Ashna has evolved spiritually and transformed herself with amazing courage, strength and conviction through the healing art of reconnecting body, mind and spirit. She believes that the power of transformation lies within you - all you have to do is channel it correctly! Her Mind Wellness Boutique offers various Holistic Lifestyle Solutions, Remedies & Services along with Retail Products of own Brand, including Holistic Lifestyle Perfumes, Aromatic Oils, Bath Salts, Incense Sticks, Fire Space clearing Rituals & lots more… To know more about her - click #massaya #inspired #inspiringstories #womenentrepreneurs #proudsociety #womenrule #bosswomen #bosslady #ashnaddhannak