Thursday, August 9, 2018

It's the month of Shravan, when there is music in the air & the heart tangled & tunes amidst nature with sheer bliss & joy says *Ashna Ddhannak* As per the Shiv Purana - The Story of Samudramamtham took place during the month of Shravan, which holds the importance of Lord Shiv consuming the poison from the churning of the Ocean to save the people of the world. Likewise in today's era, whenever one is looking to get salvage and rescue themselves from the deadly curses and complexities of life, Lord Shiva not only brings on a rock support within them to tackle their battles, but also helps to liberate them from the miseries of Life.. A must read article on *THE SHRAVAN MONTH BLESSINGS* By *Ashna Ddhannak* featured as exclusive cover story by *BUZINESS BYTES* one of INDIA'S leading Business Magazine... Click on the below link to read further -