Saturday, October 26, 2019

ENLIGHTENING LIFESTYLE wishes everyone A VERY HAPPY DIWALI & A PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR !!! It has been an ancient Indian custom & tradition to do the Dwaar Pooja (Main Door Pooja) during Diwali to welcome the Goddess Lakshmi to enter our homes and bless everyone with Abundance, Success, Joy and H appiness... Let us learn one of the most important Vaastu Tip this Diwali about the correct location of the Main Entrance Door of the Home to welcome abundance. The Main Entrance Door - It holds utmost priority for being in the right direction as per Vaastu Shastra as it holds the vital formula for having great vibrations not only inside our home but in our lives as well. As per Ashna Ddhannak, Main Door is considered to be the “Archway to Victory and Progress in Life” therefore should be located and governed with absolute accuracy. The Main Entrance Door should be in the North, East or North East Direction of the Home. It must be constructed in a way that when the person is stepping out of the door from inside of the home to outside, they must face North, East or North East in front of them. The Main Entrance Door should be constructed with superior quality of the wood & it must be the Tallest & most Beautiful door compared to the rest of the doors at home. Do not place any water body like fountains etc outside the main entrance door. Avoid having Shoe Racks or Dustbin outside the main door. There should never be a Bathroom / restroom near the main door. Always have sufficient bright lights at the entrance. Avoid having Black color for the Door. Decorate your main door with beautiful name plates and auspicious Torans. Avoid keeping heavy animal statues or figures like elephants etc at the Main door. Make sure to have the main door opened in a clockwise direction. To get more glimpse on the fascinating world of Vaastu science & its inherent relevance, stay tuned for more to come & book your consultations today – Call - + 91- 9920933226 Blog Authored by - Ashna Ddhannak Holistic Life coach E - Mail :