Thursday, October 24, 2019

"DHANTERAS" is considered to be the auspicious beginning day of the Diwali Celebration in India & it is intended to increase one's Wealth & Prosperity. Enlightening Lifestyle wishes everyone a very Happy DHANTERAS & presents a special Vaastu Tip on Lockers & Main Safes for Prosperity & Abundance. One of the best way to get financially stable is to grow your Wealth in the Earth corner of the home that is the South West Zone of the home. All your Jewellery, Money and Important Financial documents must be kept in the south west which must always face towards North or North East. Anything kept in this direction will tend to multiply says Ashna Ddhannak. If the openings or safes/vaults or Lockers are facing towards the south or west then it would result in heavy expenses. Financial problems and heavy expenses can be altered by placing the Main Safe/Lockers/Vaults which contains Jewelleries, Property Papers, Gold Coins, Cash, Assets etc. in the South West section of the home in a way that its door opens towards North or North East for getting more prosperity. Ashna also suggests to place a red cloth inside the safe along with Citrine crystal for attracting more finances. To get more glimpse on the fascinating world of Vaastu science & its inherent relevance, stay tuned for more to come & book your consultations today – Call - + 91- 9920933226 Blog Authored by - Ashna Ddhannak Holistic Life coach Enlightening Lifestyle Miind Wellness Boutiique 2nd Floor - Store No - 109 Opp - Inox Cinemas Rraghuleela Megamall Kandiwali - West Mumbai - 400067 E - Mail :