Monday, October 21, 2019

Peacock Feathers or Morpankh as it's widely known in India are regarded as Majestic and a symbol of protection to ward off any evil and also bring good luck to the user. As per the Indian scrptures, it has also been very dear to Lord Krishna as he used it as an important element to decor his crown and flute both... Ashna Ddhannak highly recommends to use Morpankh to correct various Vaastu Doshas at home.. For can use 6 Morpankh tied in a golden thread and keep it inside or around your temple if it's kept in the wrong direction to neutralize its Vaastu dosh... Keep 3 Morpankh in a Golden coloured vase on children's study table to increase the concentration and interest in studies... Keep 5 Morpankhs tied in a green thread inside your purse or wallet while attending an important meeting / interview for your good luck... To know more about of how this Majical element can benefit you in several ways and understanding the vaastu regulations for its accurate placement and directions, book your consultations today – Call - + 91- 9920933226 Ashna Ddhannak Holistic Life coach Enlightening Lifestyle Miind Wellness Boutiique 2nd Floor - Store No - 109 Opp - Inox Cinemas Rraghuleela Megamall Kandiwali - West Mumbai - 400067 E - Mail :