Sunday, October 20, 2019

Vaastu Tip No 3 # The Holy Basil plant or The Tulsi is considered to be known as the Elixir of life across the globe and is regarded as one of the most divine & sacred form of plant in India due to its Mythological eminence... Ashna Ddhannak highly recommends to grow this holy herb in the North Eastern Sector of your home to get countless blessings, grace & purity of mind. The Legendry tales from the Hindu Culture believes that Tulsi plant is a form of Goddess Lakshmi & daily offering water to it with love, respect & faith can help to get a good desired husband for the unmarried girls. Ashna also recommends to chew 11 Tulsi leaves daily to break any kind of addictions. To know more about of how this magnificent herb can benefit you in several ways and understanding the vaastu regulations for its accurate placement and directions, book your consultations today – Call - + 91- 9920933226 Ashna Ddhannak Holistic Life coach Enlightening Lifestyle Miind Wellness Boutiique 2nd Floor - Store No - 109 Opp - Inox Cinemas Rraghuleela Megamall Kandiwali - West Mumbai - 400067 E - Mail :