Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Vaastu Tip No - 6 # Do You Know that Pooja Bells have astonishing and awe-inspiring Vaastu benefits ? Its radiant & enthralling sound rings helps to clear and balance the body chakras & bolsters the mind to bridge with the higher self taking the consciousness to altogether a new level says Ashna Ddhannak. It is designed & formulated with various alloys & metals which are carefully planned so that it disperses a healing and restorative auric field around the space. Ashna Highly recommends to daily ring the bell at least 333 times as it multiples the power of number 9 & emanates the sound frequency of supreme calmness which demolishes the mental turmoil and worldly disturbances instantly. To discover and explore more secrets of the enigmatic Vaastu science & its inherent relevance, stay tuned for more to come & book your consultations today – Call - + 91- 9920933226 Blog Authored by - Ashna Ddhannak Holistic Life coach Enlightening Lifestyle Miind Wellness Boutiique 2nd Floor - Store No - 109 Opp - Inox Cinemas Rraghuleela Megamall Kandiwali - West Mumbai - 400067 E - Mail :